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Do You Want More Diners
Coming To Your Restaurant...

Even At Your Quiet Times?

Is your business like Dave's?

Dave owns a local restaurant, and like many other restaurant and business owners alike; he shares the same fears and frustrations...

The outlook for Dave's business wasn't looking good. The local economy showed no signs of improving, and there was no sign of any increase in customers coming to eat with him.
To make matters even worse, the expensive ads that he he'd been putting in a local newspaper were doing virtually nothing to bring people to his restaurant.

This was really starting to become a worry, fear was beginning to set in, and all types of thoughts were running around in his mind... 

Was he going to go out of business, as it was getting harder and harder to pay himself and his staff. 
Would he end up losing the restaurant along with his livelihood.

He hated the thought of having to tell his waiters and waitresses that they no longer had a job. 
How could he face telling his children that he no longer had his restaurant, no income and large debts.

Putting the worries aside... The thing that Dave really couldn't get his head around was even though he knew 100% that his food was first class, he just couldn't seem to get people to come and find out how good it really is... It's just so frustrating. 

Now, hopefully your own situation isn't a dire as Dave's... 

But seeing as you've found my website, would I be right in thinking that you haven't been getting the results you'd been hoping for from your marketing? and you're looking for new ways to not only attract new customers to your restaurant, but also tempt previous diners to come back to you more frequently?

Firstly, let's take a look at what most
restaurants do to attract new customers.

Newspaper Ads & Flyers

In this day and age, and as amazing as it sounds. Many restaurants still depend solely on traditional restaurant marketing options, like placing adverts in local newspapers and pushing flyers or menus through letterboxes.

I'm not knocking these methods... But not only are they quite costly to do, they're also one-hit-wonders.

In other words, the ad maybe in the paper one night, but the next day it's in the bin. So you constantly need new ads to keep attracting new diners or they just don't appear.

Are you guilty of still depending on these outdated methods yourself? If you are, then you're being left behind by other local restaurants.

Websites, Facebook Pages and Twitter

Should every restaurant have a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account and do they really need them? The answer to this is a big YES!

And while this is true, there is a problem... There is a thought that is very common. The thought is "Build it and they will come".

But this way of thinking is just plain WRONG! When it comes to websites and social media. Building and then just waiting simply doesn't work. It never has and never will.

Your website and the social media platforms that you use actually need quite a lot of regular work to ensure they get seen by potential customers.

Check out you own stats. What do they tell you?
How many visitors does your website get each week?
If you post to your Facebook page, how many people see each of your posts?

Are you like most restaurateurs out there who are using these methods, but are actually seeing very few new diners from your efforts?

Now, let's say that you've used the above methods to tempt someone to your restaurant for the first time...

Do you know what the chances are of that new diner becoming a regular customer? 

This is what TV restaurant guru John Taffer says the chances are

After 1 Visit


After 2 Visits


After 3 Visits


So, even if both your food and service are fantastic, the chances of a first time diner coming back again is only around 40%. The figure then rises slightly to 42% if they do happen to come back a second time... but then hits a massive 71% after 3 visits... Pretty amazing right?

So, based on this... unless you can find a method to encourage every new diner to visit your restaurant three times, then there is less than a 50% chance that the diner will ever return again, let alone become a regular customer! 

So what can you do to make sure that
your new diner returns?

Hope Marketing? That's a method that most restaurants use... You HOPE that your good food and service tempts them into returning again and becoming a regular customer.

Could it happen? Yes it could... But as you have already seen from the figures above, you've got less than a 50% chance. 

You're just HOPING it will happen!

OK... Enough of the bad stuff...
Here's some good news for you.

We've had a look at the marketing techniques that most restaurants use and found that they give poor and inconsistent returns, or simply no longer work... But luckily I can show you how you can easily... 

Find and attract new diners to your restaurant

Turn your new diners into regular customers

Tempt your regular customers to come back more frequently

What difference would it make to your profits when you're not only attracting more new diners, but more of them return to you and become regulars, AND your regulars come back to you even more often than they did before?

Here's just some of what you can achieve for your restaurant...

Keep your restaurant at the front of local diners minds when they're deciding where to eat

Create a buzz about your restaurant on Facebook and Twitter

Get referrals and recommendations from existing customers 

Tempt existing diners back more frequently

Attract new customers and Improve your profits

Reduce other advertising costs

See results quickly

Increase customer retention and enjoy the increased profits that come from REPEAT business

Not got the time to do this yourself?

If you haven't got the time to implement these powerful marketing strategies yourself and would like me to help you fill your restaurant with customers, or you would like further information, then please complete the form below

I look forward to working with you. 


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